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If you are looking for ways to prepare college and career-ready students, you’ve come to the right place! Our resources help “prime the pump” with early career exploration experiences that get students ready to take full advantage of high school career development opportunities like career academies, career pathways, and Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. 

Our books encourage young readers to explore careers they never knew existed

Every day is career day!

Need to introduce a new generation to your industry, workforce development opportunities or college and career readiness program? Every day is “Career Day” at Bright Futures Press! We are devoted to helping students of all ages figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Our series, including World of Work, Find Your Future, Choose a Career Adventure and Get a Job, move beyond the obvious choices to show readers the myriad career pathways that lay just over the horizon.

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Discover resources that help students find their own bright futures through creative career exploration experiences. Student-friendly and specially designed to be: Informative. Interactive. Inspiring.

Ravenous readers, rave reviews

After we wrote the books, they inspired others to write to us! See what educators, readers, distributors and librarians have to say about Bright Futures’ career exploration series.
Through the lens of these books, students in grades 4-7 will think about, discover and experience career pathways of the new millennium. Not only about careers, each series offers opportunities for future adults to think about their world as they apply knowledge and decide how they can make a positive impact.
Marla Conn

Read-Ability, Inc.

You can tell by the look on a kid’s face when they’re connecting with a book. The Bright Futures titles bring out that look again and again. It’s so refreshing to see books that awaken the imagination like these do, and get kids dreaming not about wizards, dragons or alien invasions, but something much more exciting: their own careers.

Alice Lynch

Media Center Director