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Some of our best reviews consist of the excitement in readers’ eyes as they turn the pages or when they close a book and turn to the nearest person to share their new vision of their own future. However, sometimes educators, students and librarians share their thoughts of Bright Futures books in writing as well.

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Through the lens of these books, students in grades 4-7 will think about, discover and experience career pathways of the new millennium. Not only about careers, each series offers opportunities for future adults to think about their world as they apply knowledge and decide how they can make a positive impact. Marla Conn

Read-Ability, Inc.

You can tell by the look on a kid’s face when they’re connecting with a book. The Bright Futures titles bring out that look again and again. It’s so refreshing to see books that awaken the imagination like these do, and get kids dreaming not about wizards, dragons or alien invasions, but something much more exciting: their own careers.

Alice Lynch

Media Center Director