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The middle grades (5 – 7) are prime time for exploring careers. They are also an age-appropriate time for cultivating problem-solving skills. The Career Ideas Challenge lets students do both — explore careers within the context of solving real world problems. Each activity includes a brief career profile plus two challenges:

  • an online research chase to find out  facts about the featured career
  • a story-based problem-solving caper that gives students a sense of the people, products, and processes associated with the featured career

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NEW Career Ideas Challenges

Military Serviceperson, Chef, Paralegal, Cartographer

Career Ideas Challenges FALL 2019

Cybersecurity Analyst, Logistics Manager, Veterinarian, Heavy Equipment Operator, Digital Designer, Nurse, Forensic Accountant, School Counselor, Robotics Engineer

Career Ideas Challenges SPRING 2019

Featuring activities for Actuary, CAD Drafter, Entrepreneur, Civil Engineer, Emergency Medical Technician, Interior Designer, Pilot, Social Media Manager, Social Worker

Career Ideas Challenges FALL 2018

Featuring activities for Chef, Crime Scene Investigator, Electrical Lineworker, Marine Biologist, Physician’s Assistant, Rescue Diver, Retail Manager, Robotics Engineer, Video Game Designer