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Our middle-grade career exploration collection encourages early career awareness in grades five through seven with 43 interactive books arranged into five distinct, high-energy series.  Schools use them to support Perkins V programming, career and technical education (CTE) courses, career exploratories, CTSOs, Title 1 literacy efforts, and afterschool programs.  No school media center career collection is complete without them!

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Five distinct series. Forty-three high-interest titles. Discover resources that help students in grades five through seven find their own bright futures through creative career exploration experiences. Student-friendly and specially designed to be: Informative. Interactive. Inspiring.

Career Ideas Challenge of the Week!

Military Serviceperson

Air Force. Army. Coast Guard. Marines. Navy. The military offers a virtual smorgasbord of opportunity for both high school and college grads.  Servicepeople build skills, get training, and play a vital role in keeping the peace at home and abroad.  Read more >