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If you are looking for ways to prepare college and career-ready students, you’ve come to the right place! Our resources help “prime the pump” with interactive middle grade career exploration experiences that get students  ready to take advantage of opportunities like career academies, career pathways, and CTE. 

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We agree with ACTE research that identified “middle school as a time when students can benefit the most from career exploration.” Thanks in part from timely  legislation in key states and an expanded focus in the latest Perkins reauthorization, schools everywhere are expanding their middle school career exploration programs.  Our middle grade career collection features 43 titles in 5 distinct series and free classroom activity guides–all infused with our passion for helping students of all ages figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Bright Futures Press books supplement career exploratory classes, support specific CTE courses, and infuse core academic classes with real world learning.

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Discover resources that help students find their own bright futures through creative career exploration experiences. Student-friendly and specially designed to be: Informative. Interactive. Inspiring.

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Our books are available through your favorite book distributor, or directly from Bright Futures Press. Click to purchase invidual titles or complete sets of all of our titles and start exploring career possibilities!

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