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Get a Job: Full Series of 6 Titles


The 6 titles in the Get a Job series feature fictional character Jeremiah Oliver Baumgartner (Job, for short) as he introduces readers to a wide variety opportunities found (through his adventure and misadventures) at community places like airports, construction sites, grocery stores, hospitals, landfills, and shopping malls. Back matter includes creative writing prompts and activities.

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The Get a Job series visits places most middle-graders are familiar with—and might even take for granted—and presents them in a new, unexpected light. This series injects excitement into everyday destinations and proves how some of the most varied and challenging jobs can be found right in your own backyard.

The six books track the (mis)-adventures of title character Jeremiah Oliver Baumgartner, who goes by the nickname “Job.” In each book, Job sets of a chain of events that take him through different locations around his town and introduces him to the different people it takes to keep familiar workplaces running smoothly.

Follow Job as he explores these community workplaces:

  • Get a Job at the Airport
  • Get a Job at the Construction Site
  • Get a Job at the Grocery Store
  • Get a Job at the Hospital
  • Get a Job at the Shopping Mall
  • Get a Job at the Landfill