Jumpstart Middle School Career Exploration

Just six more weeks until the Career Ideas Challenge begins. The first challenge is based on a ripped from the headlines career–RESCUE DIVER. Students will be challenged to come up with a plan to rescue a soccer team that is stuck in a cave. Sound familiar? But this time, students get to add their own creative ideas to the mix. Be on the look-out to download the first challenge on Wednesday, September 12!

In the meantime…

There is still time to order books from our middle school career exploration collection before school starts. With 43 titles in 5 distinct style, these interactive, age-appropriate are sure to connect with all kinds of interests and ambitions.At 32 pages each, our books are an easy read (or browse as the case may be). Our activities can spark simple homework assignments or ignite entire exploratory units. Here are nine ways to put these resources to work in your schools: